Aug 4, 2011

all about me ...

i just want my own life
i just want to be in my own world
i just want to be myself
i just want to get what i want
i just want to be with my lovely family
i just want them to understand me
i just want to get close with my bestie
i want all i need
i just need that
i will get what i want
no matter happen
i miss my bestie
i miss my friends and my group
i miss my ....
but the question is 
when will i get all these ??
maybe in 1 or 2 years ??
ouhh i want my place
i want to change to be a better person
but who will help me to thru this ??
no i won't change because i love what i do ...
i love myself and what i'm doing right now ...
i won't change 
this is myself so it's up to me
i love my social life ... cool !!

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