Jul 29, 2011

sNap ...

today our principal have retired so we were having some reception ... we snap a lot of picture together ... well our new principal probably will be a woman ... a woman ?? ouchh this is really ridiculous and ... arghh whatever as long as we have principal for smkn ...
hurmm our principal were very nice and friendly ... lolzz
ahha ieya you got a new camera ?? ouchh a lumix brand and it was so cool and i love it ... it's just very cute camera ... how about my canon ?? my favourite DSLR ?? i have to wait for 1 year more ... my daddy going to buy it for me after i get my spm done ... but it's too long and i have to be patient !! as long as i get it and i'm going to take photographer course at overseas ... if god wills it ... after that  i'm going to ask my dad for my important things such as a new brand handphone , a touch screen laptop , a camera and it will be DSLR , i pod touch and a waterproof camera and it will be fine to me ... ouchh it will be so cool ... and i hope i will be goin to a proessional photographer ... haha daydreaming opps it's night already ... urmm nightdreaming ?? ouhh whatever ... i love apple , canon brands ... picchho  ;P

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