Jul 29, 2011

i miss Ya ...

i haven't update my lovely blog for so long time ... i miss it ... ouchh
what can i do ? my monitor had some pproblems this lately and everything fine right now and i can update my blog everyday ... yeah right !!!
laptop my bro had brought to his rent house for his assigment and that's why i rarely update my blog ... well i had so many problems and i'm so busy busy and busy ,,,
my two foster sis had a fight again and looks like they are okay now ... hurmm this is really make me upset with them ... they were very close and bestie ever and i found out they were fighting and i it's relly get me out freakier ... i'm afraid that they will be a big ENEMY ... i don't want that happen to them ... i don't know which side i would backup so i made a decision i tried to advice them ... i hope this won't happen anymore !!! this is all because misunderstanding and whatever ... this is not lots of luck but lots of lat or whatever it could be for bad situations ...

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