Jun 18, 2011

sis Fatt ...

i don't know why i want to write about sis fatt maybe i miss her ... uwekk no way ... okay now i want to story about someone made me so unsatisfied ,,, okay when can i talk to her ?? ieya when we have to wait for this moment ?? next year ?? no way i can't stand anymore ieya !!! okay i want to plan something and right now i'm thinking how i want to get her backpack ... hurmm ;)
okay sis fatt why you doing this to me ?? you don't appreciate me as your friend but i don't care ... what i care is you have made my name scratched you know ... 
if i let you go just like that i don't know what more u will do after this so don't you think that i don't know and don't you think i will let you go just like that ...

okay huhhh inhale and exhale ... inhale and exhale
okay i'm feeling better !!!

okay tadi aku visit ieya's blog then aku tengok follower dia ... bila aku belek2 then i saw this picture and i think i know her ... so i click on her picture then keluar gambar besar ... ouh rupanya hajar ... hajar kau ada blog ?? so aku pun singgah blog dia sekejap ... hurmm macam-macam cerita ... so i decide untuk follow up her blog and settle ... hey continue writing on your blog hajar ... no wonder you ask for my blog websites ... hahaha and i forgot nak bagi kat kau ... sorry
whatever it is according to me my blog is my inspiration and untuk improve my writing ... kalau korang macam mana pulak ??
yelaa aku x macam korang ada facebook and twitter and all that ... aku just cuma ada my sweety blog je ... well my daddy is really strict and i like his way teaching me and my sibling but sometimes it makes me so ... whoopss !! hahaxxx so horrible,,,
okay benda yang paling disgusting is maggots so don't make me disgusting with you sis fatt ... maggots?? erkk so annoying and i hate that ... aku tak suka kalau aku nampak mesti aku jerit macam nampak hantu ... walaupun jauh 1 meter daripada aku ...aku akan pengsan ...lolzz so terrible ... caterpillar pun sama ,,, daa~~

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