Jun 28, 2011

reLIeveD ...

i won't hurt my friends feeling so i don't post what i'm talking about them ... just want to express my feeling on blog and save it to draft and that's better and won't make things mess and in complicated situation ... and i feel so relieved and relieved !!!
okay now i'm very tired and have a lot of homework ... well just now at 3 pm my parents went out and i left at home alone ... they can't brought me along cause i'm still at school so as i came home i can't went in because the key of the house was at my daddy so i'd to sit outside ... while i'm sitting and listened to the music i pick up my book and do homework but it still not completed yet ... well i'll continue tonight ... i switch on the radio and louder the speaker ... and it was so cool and can released my stress away ... hitz fm and fly fm are my favourite radio ... ouchh ... WEML !!!

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