Jan 29, 2011


tomorrow??what's with sunday??
ouh if u guys wan to know i'm going somewhere that i will be so shy n so "kekok" or in other words nervous...
i'm goin to my friend feast...he is goin to MRSM after this chinese new year so he invite 4 science to come to his house at paya datok...firstly i don't want to go but i changed my mind and i donnow why,,,my friends pergi sane by bus and i my daddy will send sampai masjid paya datok n i deal with my friends to wait for me....hurmm
i donnow what's will be happen tomorrow...diowang semua pakai baju kurung oh goshh rimasnye dahlah tengah hari pns tuhh...memandangkan mereka semua pakai baju kurung so i've to wear baju kurung...ingat kan nak pakai baju biase tapi nanti segan lah pulak sebab sume pakai baju kurung kan,,,hurmm pape p0wn janji aku pergi kalau aku x pergi nanti diowunk cakap ape pulak kan...hurmm so pergi r..maybe satu kelas tu pergi kowdd!!

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