Dec 11, 2010

my AmBition!!

well i've nuthin interesting story here so i'll juz goin to tell about my ambition...huhu~~
actually i've 4 ambition it's scientist,fashion designer,modelling and architecture
the most i wanna be is fashion designer n modelling
why i choose them coz i love fashion n maybe i'll create a new fashion that people would ever seen!!huhu~~
n why i choose modelling coz i love to be model n can earn some money well maybe my dad won't allow me too coz it's umm dangerous maybe...
i love too if i've been choosen to be an artist like taylor swift,selena gomez and demi lovato
maybe i'll not shooting at malaysia but maybe at usa or somewhere else...but i prefer at usa maybe...
hurmm someday i'll move out from m'sia....n i'll be the famous one...n maybe the bilionaire...huhu~~

p/s*well my friends out there don laugh on wat i'm trying to be but pliz respect...

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