Dec 11, 2010


wahh aq ske sgt date niey sbb kak anne nk dtg umh aq...wahhh bestnye aq wndu sma dye...
aq ske sgt borak nan dye..we will talk about everything about her n me n all...
xsbrnye nk tggu dye bleq..ouh yeah dye de psn at aq bnyinye mcm ni

*don't judge other before we mirror ourselves firz so don't forget that alwayz ember it okay...
mak su i p0wn de ckp cmtuh gak

aq sntiase bkk pntu umh untk sedare aq dtg umh...bezzzzz nyewrrr
i can't wait for this date...hahahaha,,,,i'm waiting for u all to come to my house

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