Apr 4, 2013


hey there !
it's been a long long time i haven't update my lovely blog. well this is because i'm so busy with my own business and i just have time for my sleeping day . oh hohho !!!
so here i want to say something. to voice out my feeling. i mean you know ... umm such as express my feeling towards uolls . 
okay here we go !
i really don't know why the person acting like a mad .
oh damn ! the person really getting on my nerves and act like a dumb people . seriously i'd never seen someone like that since 4 years ago ! oh come on think before you speak, idiot !
he could say that i like him ? oh hello , i never like you okay . furthermore we are not in same religion . yeah i'm islam ! and you ? oh please . when i found out about your true colors. seriously i will never be friend of yours and never forgive you . ever ! damn boy !

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