Apr 5, 2013


so today i'm not working .
so since i'm not working cause woke up late so i take the adavantage to went out with my parent . i  bought some scarf-pashmina, tudung bawal, and inner scarf . and i really satisfied with what i had bought just now . after that i bought some hair accessories . huhu ~~ 
oh yup tomorrow my parent are going for a wedding event at somewhere that quite far from my house . actually my parent should go to kl to take seeds for mushrooms but since uncle salleh are going to attend the wedding ceremony so my parent have to accompany them . because melibatkan perlembagaan adat so my uncle has to go ! oh yup for sure tomorrow i will go for work . no ponteng2 !!! otherwise i will be BORED ! okay till next entry ... XOXO

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