Mar 1, 2013


my birthday is around the corner and i hope the day of my birthday will be the very happy day for me . and the result of spm will come out soon . hurmm 9 days after my birthday and that's great ! i hope this month is my happiest month because this month a lot of means to me . my birthday, my result spm, my salary ... oh gosh !!! 
today at my work place, i've to packing bungee ... again ! yup and that thing make my hands pain you know . hurmm i think my salary this month isn't enough to buy my stuffs . it's fewer than last month . maybe around rm 400 ... hurmm ='( 
what the heck of the factory . so much greedy ...
i think that i want to quit but i can't and i don't know why . it's so hard for me to leave my friends there . they were so nice to me and i will not forget them ever ! they help me a lot ...
but that factory is really suck and such a .. i hate that factory .
hey i thought that i want to buy face primer, foundation at the guardian because guardian right now on sale for 3 days only start from today till sunday . i want to cover all my acne, blemishes, break outs on my face . and that will make me look nice and i will be happy ... =)

oh yup tomorrow maybe at 4 pm after i get back from work my niece will held a small event for her child named aiman . bithday event . actually aiman's birthday was on 20 feb but seems like his father work on that day so it was postponed by tomorrow . hurmm to baby aiman happy birthday and i wish a good life of you . may allah bless your life and be a successful person ! he is really cute like a panda . you know . and he is so nice and sweet . i hope when he is grown up he will be a handsome and cute boy ever ! 

p/s : i don't know what to describe about my feeling today ~~ so =X

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