Jan 3, 2013


huhhh so tired ...
balik kerja pukul 8 malam . start kerja tadi pukul 7 pagi hingga 7 malam ... balik naik van pekerja

well at least i've gain an experience ... huhu ~~~
but this job is really tiring me and make me exhausted although the duty is really simple and easy ... i work at joubert's factory and i have to pack the bungee cords into the bottle . it's quite fun to work at there and i have some new friends ... from malaysia, sabah, myanmar ... females friend okay !
maybe on January 27 i will get my payment and i can't wait !!! it's really different when we have our own money and i don't want to depend on my parent to buy something that's not necessary for me ... actually this morning i woke up late at 6 am ... usually i will woke up at 5 to 5.30 am ...
so today's morning i really rushing and ' gelabah ' sikit ... ohohoho ~~

p/s : hey don't be too emo .. enjoy your life with all the happiness !!! always smile .. =) smile can avoid us from illnesses ... smile is an exercise too ... don't believe in me ? mr google is ready to help you for more info !!! smile and peace

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