Jan 27, 2013


okay right now i feel so confused and in a dilemma . i don't know whether i want to quit or not . if i quit , where else i can go ? it's really hard for me to find another job . find a job is really harder than working you know . it's really tiring . apply job at another factory . but where ? oh no i really don't know . if i'm just staying at home the whole day , won't it will be bored ? i really have to think thoughtfully . well i've made up of my mind that i'm going to work tomorrow . should i continue working at there till march or after i've my payment for this january ? omg it's really hard for me to make a decision . 
hari sabtu hari tuh sepatutnya hari last aku kerja and aku dah bagitau kawan aku yang aku nak quit . tapi kalau aku datang esok apa yang diorang akan cakap ? itu aku tak kesah lah tapi sekarang nih aku betul-betul dalam dilema . aku rasa macam berat hati je nak berhenti kerja . i just don't know why .  

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