Dec 6, 2012


what am i going to cook for tomorrow ...
i just want to learn how to cook on myself ...
cili padi fried chicken ???
okay i will ...

hey guys ! how's your holiday ? been good ?
ouh yeah i'm just staying at home and help my mom with house chores ... isn't that great ? i feel so great because at least i can release my bored time with doing housekeeping ~~
at least i help my mom too ... this lately she is busy with her business so i help her a little bit otherwise she would be nagging all the time , scolding me ... that's what mom will do to her lazy daughter ... am i right ? hahaha 
but sometimes when i'm doing wrong she will start scolding me and start nagging ... haha i don't mind at all ! no tension just relax ... that's what i'm doing !
i'm trying to practice dancing mr. taxi and it was so difficult to follow .. it's okay i will try and try !
without internet i will be very very bored ... but sometimes i'm bored with internet ... ouchh nothing else to do ! so i will fell asleep in the evening because was too bored ... till i didn't notice that it is already maghrib time ... oh my god that was so terrible ... 

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