Dec 19, 2012

again !!!

first of all i want to say hi to all my viewers and my followers 
here i just want to share you alls about my day today !
i woke up earlier in the morning today and i do nothing ... at 9 am i do some chores and after that i ask my dad to enter the keyword of the internet ... yup my dad block the internet at my sis laptop .
after i'm satisfied playing with the internet i just feel bored and called ayien ... 
just to ask what were they doing at the meeting friends ...
and in this evening my mom, my little sisters, and me bake cheese tarts again ... because it has a really great taste and maybe my mom want to do a business on it to earn extra money ...
and me maybe i will work at the factory with syiida and ina ...
and i want to make a small business of tupperware online with syiida ..
yeah looks like syiida will be my partner soon ! 
okay till here then ... i'll write later ~~

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