Nov 30, 2012

huh !!!

when can i meet them again ???
to someone : i remembered when we first met and being a close friend ... ( old story )
okay now i'm to story about my classmates .
hey guys ! when we will meet again ? ouh yup when we are going to take the result of SPM ... i hope that our friendship will be last long ~~ 
i will always remember you all ... we laugh together , solve problem together ... ouh i really miss that time ...
if i could turn back the time !!
hurmm bile lah orang pizza hut to nak hire aku kerja ?? i'm waiting for your call meyh !!!
if i get that job , i will work harder as i can and i can earn more money ... so that i can give to my mother and buy my stuffs such as makeup , clothes and other things ... ouh yup handphone absolutely .. i have my father's green light .. hoorey !!!
i love fashion ... so i can buy a korean fashion with my own money ... uhum that will be so great !

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