Dec 2, 2011

3 december 2011

what's with the date ?? actually it's just nothing , mehehe ~~
hurmm it's so hot today and i feel exhausted but i'd made orange juice and i put it into the fridge so i hope it has been cold already ... hurmm it must be so nice and relieved ... ouchh
hurmm my task during school holiday isn't complete yet another 3 papers > religion's subject , mathematic and add math , chemistry ... hurmm just when i can done it ~~ but it's okay because i'm going to do it during study group and i can ask them what's the answer .. hahaha i'm a lazy girl ... woopps don't say like that ... hurmm ='( 
okay whatever i don't care what i care is i can always update my blog since my bro is still here ... ouh yups i can update my blog using my sister's laptop ... what a great idea IF my sister will do ...

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