Dec 5, 2011


i had a stomachache since just now and i just can't stand it anymore omigoshh help meee !!!
hurmm i'm going out for dinner with my family ... i wonder what time we will be going out ??! my stomach is in a terrible situation ... maybe because i'm hungry ~~ what ?? i just ate chicken rice this afternoon and ate biscuits in this evening ... hurmm =(
hahaha i don't know since when i love to eat ... my mother always cook the delicious food ... i'm afraid if i suddenly become fat girl ouh no i don't wish that happen to me ... hurmm i don't like to be fat i just want to be normal and my body is health !!! i rarely play sports and i rarely play outside in front of my house ... that's why i'm afraid that something i don't want happen to me ... 
what's wrong with my stomach ??? such a troublemaker and my mood right now isn't stable because of my horrible stomach make a trouble ... this is what i hate , i hate it so much ... i'd put some oil but it still pain ~~ hurmm what i want to do to get this pain away far from me ... ?? 
my mother is better now but i'm in a stuck situation ~~~ why ??? 

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