Dec 3, 2011


do you love people who is hypocrite ?? of course no and so am i ...
so please stop being a big fat lier and being such a hypocrite person with a selfishness !
hey , i hate people who always wear a poker face ... hurmm
hypocrite isn't good for us you know ! because being a hypocrite people will dislike us and hate us ... our friends will be gone and don't trust us also our families ... hurmm what a bad effects being a hypocrite person ... i'm sorry if i'm being too much but i don't think so i just want to remind you ... i know i'm not perfect and nobody is perfect either ... hey you know what ?
do you like people who always judge us by our cover ? of course not and so i am ... well i'm not saying to anyone and i didn't meant it i just want to fill my free time with give some ceremony ...
hahaha .... 

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