Dec 30, 2011

dancing all over

i've nothing else to do to release my bored at home so me and my sisters dancing all over the house ... korean group's dance and it's quite wonderful and best ... secret's group dance ... hahaha secret group is quite pretty and cute and i love them and their dancing steps , well we here tried to dance like them till the end . starlight moonlight and shy boy . huhu but shy boy is quite difficult because their steps is too fast and too active . they love to jump and jump till my stomach is in pain . hahha just for fun meyh ~~ nothing much ! well if u want to released your bored so u can have a dance with so much happy and enjoy or u can make a miming video or a funny video so that people can view ur video . hahaha that's what i do when i feel bored or feel tension or whatever . well i'm going to have spm here so i must stay the word in my brain so that i won't make a same mistake or forget .
ouh yup one more thing my legs and hands are so itchy and i donnow why . it suddenly become itchy and i feel like want to make an operation on my body ... hurghhh omg help me !!! what can i do i just can't stand it anymore ... oh goshhhied 

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