Nov 17, 2011

my feeling..

semalam keputusan UPSR dah diumumkan and u guys know what ?? my sister got 5 a's meyh ... and tomorrow she will be going to kl to buy her new laptop ... ouchh so lucky !! hurmm and i feel so sad + regret + happy ... happy coz my sister got 5 a , regret coz i embered my past time ... if i get 5 a my daddy would give anything to me but nope ... sad because i don't get what i want like my sister ... hurrmmm T__T
well today is the last day of school 2011 ... i feel very bored because i can't see my friends and laughing with them and sharing with them ... hurmm i don't like staying at home 24 hours ... booooriingg ~ !! at the same time i feel very angry and i hate boys in 4 science nexus ... i meant it because they always teased me until i can't stang with them and sometimes i feel very hurt and i just like want to punch each of them ... hurmm so sad + angry + hate ... next year i'm not going to be friends with those who like to make me suffer and always embrassed me ... well i will not going to forgive them till they ask my forgiveness and promised me that they won't do the same thing anymore ... because of that my honour will be scretch ... i'm hatred of boys 4 science nexus ... 

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