Nov 28, 2011

하루 일

december is around the corner and according to my sis anne she want to visit us here on 2 december 2011 ... hurmm i really hope that she would come here and i can have a member to share stories , well i'm not feeling well cause i have flu ... hurmm ='(
but that's okay , 
my friends said that they want to have a study group on this december but till now i haven't got any news from them ... are they really serious want to have a study group or not ? i wonder ... next year will be our biggest exam and that's it SPM ... ouchh it makes me feel so nervous and i said i can do it if i do revision from now on ... hurmm but it will be better if having a study group then we can have a discussing about our subject that we don't understand but when i ask them they will just say " i don't know " ... hurmm whatever ... 

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