Sep 5, 2011

i donnow what to say

i just donnow what to say anymore ... what i want to be is myself and i don't want to be so hypocrite as i hate it and i want to be honest as i am .. i don't want to change and i will remain this way for my life and i don't want my world crashed and my social life become weak and i love my way ... i'm just want to say sorry so much i can't stand it and i will let you go and we will just become friends and no more any relationship and i know u will accept it and as i accept it willingly ... well i don't want you to be like me and i want you to stay out of my bussiness and i've my own lifestyle and it's so amazing ... i don't want to miss it or lose it ... i will follow what my heart say and what i really want and i want you to stay away from me and find the better sister than i am ... 

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