Aug 13, 2011

rElaX ...

ouh today i break fast with fried rice and i'm the one who cooked it ... huihh you don't believe me ?? up to you then !! well my spicy fried rice is really delicious and taste wonderful not just only me saying that but my whole family ... and my fried rice finished so quickly ...

hurmm this evening my greatparent coming and they just stop by here for a while and they went back to kl around 5.30 pm ... they aren't back here for quite long time and my granny is really miss them so much so they just stop by here to visit my granny ... ouh who's coming ?? uncle salleh will be here ?? ouch and looks like i've to tidy my house ASAP ... hurmm whatever ALA i can online and update my blog ... mehehe ~~ i love blogging and i like and i miss and many more ... blog and i are one and if i loose my blog i will definitely sad and unhappy ... ='( 
so i cannot loose my blog ... hehe ~~ choyy !!

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