Jul 16, 2011

what's going on ??

i really don't understand what is going on between my friend and my other friend in classroom ... masing2 nak mengata ... hey bukan korang dah apologize ke ?? hey come on we are matured and please don't behave like a small kid can you ?? i just can't get it and you two still want to fight each other huh ?? hurmm please i just don't want you both become enemy again ... hurmm it's all about c.f. right ?? omg please throw away your negative thinking and don't just judge people by it's cover can you ?? please throw away your jealousy far away from you ... if everybody know about you all ... omg you all are a dead meat and u all will be ashamed by you attitude ... bukan apa i just want to remind you all ... just that bukan nak mengata but it's fact ... i'm sorry if u all feel uneasy and hurt feeling of what i'm saying ... this is for our friendship in 4 science and i don't want something bad happen and history berulang for twice ...

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