Jul 2, 2011

The BesT daY eVer

hari khamis 30 jun  students form 4 and form 5 having some practical about perform haji and umrah ... well it's quite fun and enjoy but i have to stand under the hot sun and make a circle around the kaabah ... we have to wear telekung and some boys have to wear ihram ... memang panas tapi nak buat cam mana ... but i'm so grateful to have this such practical and dapat feel macam pergi ke mekkah ... huhu ~~
although i'm very tired and exhausted but i still feel much happy and satisfied ... i hope and really hope that i can go there in future before i died ... i always pray to god ... i wonder how is the situation people yang pergi ke mekkah tu ... it must be very great to see the kaabah ...

okay abort about that ... 

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