Mar 4, 2011


hurmm hajar sorry aku x dapat nak attend ur party coz my daddy doesn't allow me to go although i've talk to him nicely....fazira sorry aku xpat nak join u all coz my permision has been denied lorh!!
sedeyh sangat coz i can't join u all n attend party kawan sendiri...papep0wn enjoy je larhh
planned aku hari rabu nanti tak tahu jadi ke tak...hurmm dahlah x pat green light gi umah kawan pastuh tetibe hari rabu tuh terpakse cancel...aku xnak macam tuh,,,hurmm T__T
aku belum discuss with teacher annisa yang agak comel tuh pasal plan kitorang...
but it's kay coz still ade time untuk discuss...
hurmm u all sorry sesangat especially to hajar,,,papep0wn hapy birthday to her
i hope u can get what u really want to and have a happy life,,,enjoy ur life always lol
hurmm i wonder mesti best kan??
of course r kan,,,tapi unfortunately i can't join,,,u know my father once he say no forever no...once he say yes and then he will changed his mind n forever that's the answer...hurmm ='(

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