Mar 9, 2011


holiday time is round the corner so i want to wish for u all happy holiday and have a nice n better holiday,,,don't stress or whatever could make u feel unhappy and uncomfortable and so whatever...hurmm i just can't wait for my holiday time because my holiday time this year would be the best and ever,,,i hope next holiday will be the same n forever...i know it's not all the time can make our day perfect and best,,,but it's okay life is to be enjoyed lorh anyway!!so i just want to tell u guys about me at my village...
baru sekarang i rase comfortable and suitable dengan keadaan disini n i feel happy duduk dekat sini furthermore bila rumah baru parent i dah siap n i'm the happiest girl in a world = P
selama 3 tahun aku duduk dekat village xpernah aku rase nak selesa duduk dekat sini but now i dah terime fact yang i duduk dekat village but people don't call me that i'm village girl...hey i born at kl n that's my lovely ever country,,,whatever it is my name at kl will remain constant okay,,,haha just kidding whatever jelah
yang penting i have one happy family and happy friends,,,ouch!!tbss student i don't forget u all,,,u all are my ever best friends that i ever had n i miss u all,,,yang penting kaurang bahagia n aku pun bahagi but if u all suffered aku x nak ikut same...huhu just kidding,,,
aku bukan unforgetful friends lorh,,,i'm not that type lol
tapi kawan aku yela die jenis macam tuh(sape yang terase je)~~
tapi kalau kawan aku sendiri unforgetful friends memang aku panas hati lol...aku benci orang macam tuh n aku x kan maafkan die n aku akan turut same lupe kan die n aku akan tinggalkan die macam tu jew...hellow i'm change n i can do whatever i want n if i can't get i'll try to get it walau apapun caranye,,,papep0wn jangan pernah jadi kacang lupakan kulit...cupiddd!!
sesape je yang terase!!

okay aku x nak spoiled mood anybody so keep happy go lucky with ur family and go for vacation lorh...just to release tension!!ouchh !! i have flu a normal flu,,,hurmm sangat sengsara...kenapa mesti aku??
sebab aku x jaga kesihatan larh,,,hahaxx good if u know that

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