Feb 22, 2011

so jeRk!!

that new student really make me feel annoyed...so jerk n so suck!!
i'm not jealous but she really make us feel annoyed and she is so jerk and so suck....
i can't deny that she is really cute and beautiful but please don't show off because all people don't like u so much my sucker dear....u r just an ordinary girl so don't make me feel ...hurmm (sighed)
whatever it is i don't want to find trouble and u don't try to make fun of me....
i pown new student so i don't want make kecoh2 at my new school...i'm hapy with my own world and u happy with ur own world...so don't try to make my world perish...luckily u x sama kelas dengan i...if not memang aku rasa panas hati...don't be proud of urself!!

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