Jan 8, 2011

toMorrow will Be ...

okayh tomorrow is my last day at tbss and i will be goin to smteknik or smk naning but i really hope to get into smteknik whatever it is i just hoping but everything is in god's hand , so bubye tbss and all my friends and teachers and my enemy ....
so i got story from uncle suhaimi(my mommy's worker)yesterday that syamim got into mpv class ....hahaha i can't believe it omg i thought he would be in sastera or better than mpv ....hurmm whatever it is chaiyo' syamim...in a short time we will meet each other again although i don want to meet or see you anymore coz you are soannoying ,,,hahaha =D
hurmm i will be a new student with liana at smknaning i hope it will be my lovely and good day ....i hope they can accept a new student ,,,hurmm sometimes they will be jealous if new student came into any other school coz new student will be people's attention for awhile!!
i'm goin to miss my friends at tbss hurmm ...hope i don't forget about our memories and our happy go crazy day!!i feel so luckily coz i got friends yang baik macam korang...thnx for all!!

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