Jan 14, 2011

oh gosh!!

hari ni hari bes sbb kak anne dtg with her mommy too,,,we planned for long time ago nak gi shopping together...when she arrived here she ask me to open her fb but unfortunately she forgot her email and password same goes with me....hurmm so we had to signup for a new account on another email,,,hurmm really complicated at last she got her new fb account,,,well whoever want to be her friends come and visit this email hani3180@yahoo.com ....thank you!!she hasn't put her pic yet because she want to wait for brother...coz i don't know how to connect USB wire...hrmm =(

okay i'm goin to laugh at my sister coz she has to go tuition tonite...hahahahaha =D
hurmm i'm so cruel and evil!!damn u who dare say that to me...idiott!!

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